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Backmasking - “Songs of Satan”

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Addictionis a dependence on a behavior or sub-stance that a person is powerless to stop. The term has been partially replaced by the word dependence for substance abuse. Addiction has been extended, however, to include mood-altering behaviors or activities.

Fast Facts:

  • Name: Czarina Ysabelle Magallianes
    N-Names: Zari, Sabel
    Birthday: July 15
    Age : 20 something
    Nationality: Filipino
    Location: in his heart♥
    Status: In a very happy relationship
    Weight: 50 kg
    Height: 5'4

  • About:

    Hello, I am Zari and I am addicted to everything that makes my life irresistable. . Don't worry I am not a drug lord or sniffin rugby bigtime . Every post here that I make means alot and relevant to me. . It might be relevant to you too. . If you can relate to any of my post . . then you are very welcome to reblog and confess! :P

    Enjoy life and be careful to your addictions.

    Proudly Pinoy!


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